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Welcome to the Discussion Board of HeadlinerDiners

Post  Admin on Mon Nov 05, 2007 2:36 pm

Post here about your favorite celebrity restaurants, athlete owned or themed restaurants, and famous TV/Movie restaurants. Maybe some are 'not so much' your favorites, but we want to hear about them anyway!

Try to keep the bashing to a bare minimum, so that there won't be any cyber slugfests going on. Express your opinions, and just have a little curteousy towards others.

Adult content, pornography, and lude remarks won't be tolerated and you'll be banned if any of this goes on. Let's say maybe your favorite player, who just happens to own a restaurant, has just dropped the winning catch, struck out, or he's your fantasy player whose decided not to play this week and it's too late to change your picks.....still not a good reason to call him or the guy defending him a "$!@&*$^#" on here.
Just be nice Smile

That said....happy posting!


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